Sobre NÓS

amDOURO, Ltd., invites you to discover the most striking feature and truly spectacular Douro River, which is the wonder of diverse landscapes, from the historic center of Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia to the vineyards of the Alto Douro to lose sight of the lush greenery of a lush vegetation, to pass through narrow gorges and granite landscapes that can only be enjoyed from the river and are quite distinct when viewed from the banks. With the departure of one of the privileged docks, a downstream Cais de Gaia, across from the Caves of Ferreirinha with whom we maintain a strong partnership, and where you can enjoy a Port wine, framed in the historical district of Vila Nova de Gaia, and the other in Marina do Freixo, with parking and excellent support services, we invite you to discover 'our' Douro. The limit is your imagination!We have several itineraries that enable you to explore the historic Douro River your way! Our commitment is to provide travellers with opportunities to explore the authentic Douro, a relaxing, unhurried journey into the heart of beautiful and uncrowded northern Portugal.

This Company grow up, while in 2004 it began to cruise a boat that had constructed from scratch, type boat "rabelo" in Socrenaval in Vila Nova de Gaia.The construction of the vessel followed the stringent requirements in respect of the layout and the unique characteristics of the boats "rabelo," with minor changes, to allow the transport of passengers, as well as comply with all safety regulations in the sector. Moreover, maintaining this type of vessel is one way to help preserve what identifies us and enriches us as a people. The changes in the architecture of a traditional boat "rabelo" aimed at both situations, bring the vessel to its intended market and preserve them carefully, giving it a new function, vessels that otherwise risked disappear from the landscape of Douro, stealing a piece of history national collective.

Our Douro River presents remarkable and very specific characteristics that make it a place worthy to be visited and assessed, including: its history, its source, there to the sides of the Sierra de Urbión, was only discovered in the early twentieth-century ; its delimited region, created in the eighteenth century, is the oldest in the world, and here is produced the world's most famous wine, Port wine, your browsing also features trivia, for example, between its five locks of navigational bridge the gap of 127 meters, between the Spanish border and the sea, of Carrapatelo, 35 meters, is the highest in Europe and now the second highest in the world.There's no better way to discover Portugal's lush vineyards, storied culture and stunning natural beauty than on a Douro River cruise. On a Douro River cruise, you'll see restored palaces in modern cities and lovely rural villages along one of Europe's most charming rivers. In a highly competitive sector, the Amor do Douro, Ltd. is distinguished from the others, by experience and training of its employees, the care in the meals provided, the accuracy in complying with safety standards and investigate all the details that lead to overall satisfaction of travelers with us...