In 2004 amDOURO began to cruise a boat that had constructed from scratch, type boat "rabelo" in Socrenaval in Vila Nova de Gaia.The construction of the vessel followed the stringent requirements in respect of the layout and the unique characteristics of the boats "rabelo," with minor changes, to allow the transport of passengers, as well as comply with all safety regulations in the sector. Moreover, maintaining this type of vessel is one way to help preserve what identifies us and enriches us as a people. The changes in the architecture of a traditional boat "rabelo" aimed at both situations, bring the vessel to its intended market and preserve them carefully, giving it a new function, vessels that otherwise risked disappear from the landscape of Douro, stealing a piece of history national collective.


The Rabelo boat is a traditional Portuguese wooden cargo boat that was used for centuries to transport people and goods along the Douro River. It is flat-bottomed, with a shallow draught, which was necessary to navigate the often shallow fast-flowing waters of the upper Douro prior to the construction of dams and locks from 1968 onwards.Native to the Douro region, it does not exist in any other place in the world. Its history is closely linked to the production and trade of port wine. Before the arrival of the railway, the rabelo was the fastest and the most efficient means of transport between the Douro Valley, where port wine is produced, and the city of Porto, where it was traded and exported worldwide.

• Construction year: 2004
Capacity: 65 passengers
Dimensions: 22 meters


The name rabelo means 'little tail', on account of the long timber projection from the rear of the boat which is used to steer the vessel. Although not in commercial use anymore, these vessels may still be seen, belonging to port wine companies, along the river in Porto and Gaia.

• Construction year: 2014
Capacity: 114 passengers
Dimensions: 28 meters


One of the most popular symbols of Porto is the Rabelo boat. These flat boats, nowadays laying quietly by the riverside, used to be the nautical horses that carried barrels of Porto wine from the Douro valley vineyards to the Port Wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. For centuries, when there were no suitable roads or a single railway alongside the vineyards, Rabelo boats were the most efficient and reliable mode of transportation, if not only for their exclusivity.

• Construction year: 2014
Capacity: 37 passengers
Dimensions: 17 meters


The Moliceiro boats are one of the major highlights of Aveiro ria (drowned river valley). These half-moon shaped boats have a big-dimensioned mast and helm. Their small draught allows them to move in less deep channels, for in these circumstances they are set into motion by a wooden stick. These boats were used for collecting and transporting the “moliço” (ria vegetation, used for fertilizing agricultural fields), goods and cattle. Nowadays they stand out as a tourism attraction. What also makes them unique is the décor. They are painted with strong colours and drawings, depicting several themes, from romantic or religious scenes to humorous motives. This type of traditional boat is produced in Pardilhó zone, in the councils of Ílhavo, Murtosa and of course, Aveiro.


This type of traditional craft in wood, is strongly linked to the beaches and the sea in this region. The history of Xávega Art intertwined with the history of the peopling of the Portuguese coastal sands of the Atlantic. Never, until today, this vessel has been adapted and used for maritime leisure activity, as in the original project we intend to develop. It will be the consistency of layout and design held with the presence of the rich details of the reasons Paintings hooves.

• Boat 22m - Cruises in the Aveiro Ria:
Overall Length 22.00 m
Mouth 5,40 m
Pontal 1,90 m

Vessel designed to cruise the inland waterways of the Ria, covering the districts of Aveiro, Murtosa and Ovar, with pre-defined program and easing other, with a view of man and nature. It has an outside deck, the prow; It has a cabin / panoramic lounge, equipped with a set of tables and chairs, allowing for the catering service. It has fully equipped kitchen; bathrooms and bar. It is equipped with sound equipment and image associated with an electronic guide audio system with GPS activation in several languages.