Company - Legal conditions
The organization is carrided out by amDOURO – Organização de Viagens Maritimo-Turisticas, Lda., with headquarters in Largo Miguel Bombarda, 16 1º. Ft., 4400-222 Vila Nova de Gaia, with the Capital Stock of €203.200 and contributor nº. 505 371 995.
Registrations and reservation
Upon availability

Both registrations as well as reservation in any cruise should be written. Only the reserves paid up 48 hours before the beginning of the cruise will be considered.


The price indicate for each cruise are based on the costs of the trips at the date of printing of this brochure, so there may be alterations with could happen until 30 days before the beginning of the cruise, if the elements that compose the trip to suffer any medications. The price include the IVA tax applicable. The children from 3 to the 11 years have a 50% discounting if accompanied.

Minimum number of participants

The accomplishment of any cruise depends on the minimum number of participants, if don’t exist the organizer may cancel, the refunding the received amount, without being obliged to any indemnification.


The cancellation of the reserve in any cruise on the part of the customer compels it to indemnify the company in the sum of the expenses already made. If such cancellation will take place in the 15 days that proceed the beginning of the cruise it will be an increased of 25%. The cancellation of reserves of freightage or groups superior to 25 people compels the desisting one to the payment of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the total cost, if made, respectively with 20, 10, 5 or little days of antecedence, in relation to the foreseen date of the freightage. The organizer entity reserves the right of annulling any cruses if: - not existing a minimum number of participants. – for facts that it is not imputable.


The eventual claims will only be considered if made by the participants during the cruise and in writing, during five days posterior to the term of the services.


The insurances are the demanded ones for the Portuguese law.


Forum - In case of litigation, the client can use an ALTERNATIVE ENTITY OF CONSUMER DISPUTES: CICAP - Consumer Information and Arbitration Center of Porto (Consumer Arbitration Court)
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Groups Special Conditions

Special conditions and prices in customized cruises for groups or private events.

Events on board
Theme cruises

School Programs / Private Events / Theme Cruises / Anniversaries / Weddings. Lunches or Dinners: With pre-selected menus, we give you the possibility to hold weddings, birthdays, business events, conferences or meetings of friends, with the Douro as scenery.